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Unlearning Talks Webcast

Thursday, October 1, 2020

16.00 GMT / 17.00 CEST / 18.00 EEST

Mapping new pathways for inclusive partnership building

While collaboration cannot always prevent crises from arising, changemakers with strong networks between peers, their stakeholders, and other sectors such as local government, are better able to act fast, innovate, and recover at scale. Especially community-led networks have the ability to grasp the collective intelligence and propose resilient solutions. But most importantly, these partnerships build new kinds of collaborative strategies in which communities play a central role.

Featured Speakers

Periklis Chatzinakos, Commons in residency, Greece

Jenny Goldberg, Raw//cc, Germany

Frantzeska Papagiannopoulou, Tinos Guide & Seek, Greece

Stefan Savić, Odron Art Collective, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Moderator: Maria-Louiza Laopodi, Project Manager START 


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Periklis Chatzinakos

Commons in residency

Periklis has worked as a cinematographer and community worker in Alexandrou Svolou Neighborhood, managing various cultural events and projects. His studies in Cultural Technology and Communication (BA), provided him with the basic tools of cultural management, while studying Human Geography, Spatial Development and Design (MA) offered him a better understanding of the relationship between humans and the space around them. Through START - Create Cultural Change, he created the cultural-environmental project "Commons in Residency", wich aims into the conversion of a typical greek "polykatoikia" (flat building) into a green building. In the same context and based into the triptych: a.environmental education, b. NDI Facilitations and c.actions in public space, the Green Community of Thessaloniki was created. 

Jenny Goldberg


Jenny Goldberg is a spatial activist, interdisciplinary artist and researcher from Berlin. Her work focuses on methods of collective decision making and production processes. She is particularly interested in the role of community arts centers not only as informal actors of urban development but through their daily practice also as effective barriers against a growing neo-fascist movement. Since 2020 she hosts a monthly freeform radio show that’s all about The Right to the City offering a platform to local activists as well as experimental urban practitioners for sharing their knowledge, tools and experiences.

Frantzeska Papagiannopoulou

Tinos Guide & Seek

Born and raised on the Greek island of Tinos, Frantzeska is a professional in Early Childhood Education (Patras University). Having already set up an annual children’s festival in her community, the ‘Vegera fest’, she did her Master’s on Youth, Education & Society (Utrecht University, NL). Aiming to combine the academic knowledge with her practices, she researched the socio-cultural and educational value of the Vegera fest. Besides, she was an intern at the European Union ISOTIS research project. START 2019/2020 Fellowship provided her with knowledge, and on-hands experience in the cultural management sector, that she transmitted and adjusted to her community. Today is the project manager of TINOS Guide and Seek project: the first cultural guide of Tinos island, created for the children by children!

Stefan Savić

Odron Art Collective
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Stefan Savic was born 27.08.1995  in  Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated at the Academy of Fine arts in Sarajevo at the department of printmaking. During his studies, he became one of the founders of the Student Association of Academy of fine Arts. He is also one of the members of the ODRON Art Collective in which he serves as Secretary General. He says that working in a collective is important to him  because it helps him to combine all his passions together, and teaches him how to be more accurate in interpretation of ideas and thoughts and become more integral artist. In his spare time he dabbles in writing, music and  politics.