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Athens Makerspace is a young non profit organisation, founded in March 2016, with a great vision: ‘Every person, of every age, must have access to the tools and knowledge needed to implement his ideas.’

It is a physical space, located in Kesariani close to the centre of Athens, that
provides open access to traditional and latest fabrication technologies, such as 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, sewing and many more.

We are an education focused makerspace developing a wide range of classes and project based workshops. We believe in learning through experimentation and failure, as it is the way to success – F.A.I.L.= First Attempt In Learning. That is why we take fun very seriously. Because learning requires devotion.

In this inspiring environment a community of makers is growing. Our members are encouraged to innovate, prototype solutions and fix the world. Meet other makers, learn and share their knowledge. It is a place for those who love craftsmanship to network and turn their ideas into reality.

Our goal is to spread awareness of new technologies, provide affordable public access to fabrication tools, educate locals from all ages and backgrounds on how to embrace the emerging DIY community and the maker movement. This will be our plan of action to fight the economic and social crisis in our country, from the bottom-up.


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