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zeitraumexit e.V.


zeitraumexit was founded as an non-profit organization in Mannheim in 2000. Its repertoire includes contemporary performative and visual art while focusing on the interdisciplinary exploration of socially relevant issues featuring discursive formats and addressing various target groups.  We execute cooperative projects like festivals and individual projects in our venue - an industrial building in Jungbusch, the most urban and multi-cultural quarter of the city - as well as in public spaces. Our current long-term project questions the options of democratic processes in curating, the limits of art and the needs of our community.

This kind of profile accumulates in our biennal festival 'Wunder der Prärie' which presents experimental art projects by internationally renowned artists.

Supporting (young) artists by building networks, providing them with production-spaces and presenting their works is one of our main efforts. One example is our residency-program called 'Gastarbeiten'.

In 2015 zeitraumexit obtained the official status as sociocultural center.


zeitraumexit e.V.

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zeitraumexit e.V.

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