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Tuchfabrik Trier


The cultural and communication center Tuchfabrik e.V. (TUFA) has been the center of independent culture in Trier for more than 30 years. Tuchfabrik is an activist location and production venue for cultural associations and initiatives working in the fields of theater, dance, cabaret, visual art, politics, rock and jazz music (the association currently has 30 members) as well as a place for communication, public forum for cultural and political discourse as well as for corresponding initiatives. TUFA is the space for art and culture in Trier. The goal of the association is to promote the creative autonomy of the people.

TUFA provides rehearsal and performance opportunities. Each year, it attracts some 70,000 visitors with its programming and offerings. This makes it the largest socio-culture center in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Tuchfabrik Trier

Fellows hosted

Tuchfabrik Trier

Contact details

Wechselstr. 4-6
54290 Trier
+49 651 7182414

Personal contact for START:
Teneka Beckers
+49 651 7183410