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Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt


Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt e.V. is an education institution and production venue. Culture for all, participation, the promotion of independence and creativity are the goals of this non-profit association. In doing so, the promotion of dialogue between people of different social and ethnic origins, cultural diversity and the support of individual and social participation are all important. 

The core work of cultural education in the focus in courses, workshops and additional training sessions. TTW actively incorporates numerous members of the public within the creative process in its projects. It pursues its own artistic (co)-productions and provides a platform to regional and international artists. The next generation of artists is also supported and receives the opportunity to conduct exchanges with experienced artists, for example, in the regularly occurring open stages program. Two in-house ensembles, ZARTBITTER, a dance theater ensemble for the elderly and MeetHipHop-Crew AKILA regular develop productions and enrich the cultural life of the venue.

Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt

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Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt

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