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The Rechenzentrum is a large space for creatives in the center of Potsdam, in the metropolitan area of Berlin. Since September 2015 the former administration building from the early 70s with 5 floors with 5000m² is the home of more than 200 creatives from all fields of the creative branches. The Rechenzentrum has become a driving force in debates of cooperative city development. Its activists strike not only for the preservation of the building and its use but for the preservation and creation of affordable rooms of creativity, free diverse expression and a vivid community. The center hosts cultural events (film screening, concerts, exhibitions), organizes discursive formats and develop together with the users the configuration of the common places in and around the house. SPI is the organization behind all executive acts as intermediary between artists/creatives, municipality, the public and facility management. All costs running the project are paid by rents received by the center's users.


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Dortustraße 46

14467 Potsdam