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Rechenzentrum Potsdam is a creative space with over 200 rooms and people from various creative branches working in a former office buildung since 0915. It is center of creative and artistic production, a place for exchange, for reflecting social development and the future of work. It is a place with impact on city development. It is a place where questions of participation, group organisation, cultural integration and the role of the creative in a growing city are continuously discussed. We host cultural events (film screening, concerts, text, exhibitions), organise discursive formats and develop together the configuration of the common places in and around the house.

Stiftung SPI runs the Rechenzentrum in the role of renter and administration. There is a young small team for cultural and group mangement employed and there are dozens of freelancers from all creative branches engaged in developping the project for a vivid city of Potsdam.


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Dortustraße 46

14467 Potsdam