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In close collaboration with artists and culture makers, QUARTIER gGmbH creates cultural education projects that are especially focused on the living situation of our fellow citizens in their respective neighborhoods. Children, young people and adults with a variety of social and cultural backgrounds produce art and culture together. The results of this collaboration are presented in theater productions, exhibitions, performance and (even) fashion shows. Regardless of age, gender and cultural background, people come together in the neighborhood projects to make Bremen more colorful and livable together. In doing so, QUARTIER constantly searches for and finds new ways of working and performing in order to involve as many people as possible in projects and make the presentations open to a broad audience. The core of our project is giving people the opportunity to shape their own environment. We provide artists, spaces and ideas for trying out something new and discovering previously unknown abilities.


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Contact details

Breitenweg 41    
28195 Bremen
+49 421 222 36 20   

Personal contact for START:
Claudia Beisswanger
+49 421 222 36 20