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Other Music Academy


The Other Music Academy (OMA) is our vision of a new kind of social institution, an Empowerment Center. The OMA works towards an inclusive society in which people of the most diverse backgrounds have an active role in shaping culture. The OMA is located in Weimar, East-Germany and, together with international and regional participants, redefine the function of an old 5-storey school building. The OMA is an interdisciplinary project platform, runs a café and performance space, ateliers, a garden and works with a regional through an international network of cultural activists. Other music e.V. is its legal structure. OMA projects include the Yiddish Summer Weimar Festival, the OMA Improv Project, intercultural study sessions on Cultural History and Creative Practices, the OMA Woodshop, the Maqam Workshop Series and the TANDEM Exchange Can We Afford A Vision in Mauritania and Germany. 

Sounds complex? It’s fun! 

Other Music Academy

Fellows hosted

Other Music Academy

Contact details

Ernst-Kohl-Str. 23
99423 Weimar
+49 3643 85 83 10

Personal contact for START:
Valentin Schmehl
+49 1711891392