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oskar. is a community and neighborhood center based in Potsdam Drewitz. Together with the primary school "Am Priesterweg", oskar. forms the "Stadtteilschule Drewitz (Drewitz Neighborhood School). It offers a public cultural, social and educational space and therefor receives a basis grant by the City of Potsdam. With the help of project grants and private donations, oskar. realizes numerous projects for children, teens and adults from the local neighborhood. Opened in 2013, oskar. makes a contribution to make Drewitz a liveable and lovable neighborhood. It serves to strengthen social bonds through cultural, educational and social projects. In order to promote community-oriented, solidary action in the district and to enable direct democratic participation, oskar. takes the needs and interests of the neighborhood and translates them into an activity program for all generations. In oskar., initiatives, clubs and groups find a home. Carrier of oskar. is the association Soziale Stadt Potsdam e.V.


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Oskar-Meßter-Straße 4-6
14480 Potsdam