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landkunstleben e.V. is dedicated to participatory and site-specific projects and collaborations. Based in the Steinhöfel community, approximately 40 km east of Berlin, we contribute to rural community life by establishing new circles of exchange between the rural and urban, and by intertwining the local with the international. This ranges from producers and gardeners to international artists, cultural workers and volunteers. We are promoting the concept of a new rural culture. This includes an ecological garden and a program of participative art projects, workshops and exhibitions. Cooperating with artists and working with volunteers has been constitutive for us for the last 15 years. Art opens up perception, allows one to share experience and puts new ideas into practice – especially in close communication, as in the countryside. The impact of coming from the ‘outside’ with an open mind is crucial if one is to learn more about similarities and differences as well as ways to manage future challenges.


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Steinhöfeler Str. 22

15518 Steinhöfel-Buchholz