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Kunstkarussell e.V.

Bad Harzburg

Kunstkarussell was founded in 2012 as an association of artists, athlets, musicians, and pedagogues when it became clear that in all Lower-Saxony full-time schools would be established soon. This cultural initiative's goal was to offer to youth a variety of different workshops in the afternoon program of schools. Since then a lot of different cooperations with schools have been established, as for example holiday camps and projects outside and inside these institutions.

One can also find projects for cultural education and integration at Kunstkarussell's work, mainly framed by the federal program "Kultur macht stark! Culture empowers!" The topics of those projects are quite varied from middle-age festivals to camping in the wild, cooking or cultural events with international exchange.

In addition to that the office building of Kunstkarussell became more and more of a sociocultural center where language classes for refugees, publicly founded private lessons as well as music, dance and acting classes take place.

Kunstkarussell e.V.

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Kunstkarussell e.V.

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