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Kulturladen Huchting


Kulturladen Huchting is a neighborhood cultural institution in a socially disadvantaged neighborhood in southern Bremen that provides cultural education options in the areas of music, dance, theater, photography, video, radio, mixed media, visual art and languages intended for all age and population groups in the neighborhood and beyond. For nearly 10 years, Kulturladen has focused on developing neighborhood-related intercultural and interreligious projects that artistically examine the topics of migration, integration, home, displacement, arrival and ideas for a shared future and shared values.

These projects are realized with professional artists (from the fields of music, theater and visual art). The results are presented in the form of exhibitions with live presentations in Bremen and have traveled to South Africa. They have brought numerous prizes for Kulturladen, including the Bremer Förderpreis für Intergration as well as a nomination for the 2017 innovative prize awarded by Fond-Soziokultur.

Kulturladen Huchting

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Kulturladen Huchting

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