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Kulturhaus Osterfeld


Kulturhaus Osterfeld e.V. is a socio-culture center in Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg.

Since its opening on September 2, 1994, Osterfeld has developed into the largest cultural and communication center in the region. Each year, up to 150,000 visitors and users take part in the activities of the institution.

Kulturhaus Osterfeld provides space for the independent art, culture and theater communities. The schedule of programming includes a variety of genres, artistic and cultural projects as well as theater productions. Classes and the meetings of numerous social groups and initiatives round out the palette of diverse options within this cultural institution.

Alongside a broad event calendar composed of professional concerts and cabaret guest performances, Kulturhaus Osterfeld also provides space for those people who wish to be cultural and artistically active themselves. The goals also include making intercultural encounters and culture education offers for children and youth possible.

Kulturhaus Osterfeld

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Kulturhaus Osterfeld

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