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Kulturhaus Dehnhaide


Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V. was founded in 1988 by inhabitants of the Hamburg neighborhood Barmbek-Süd. It has been located in Barmbek°Basch since 2010, a community center for church, culture and society, which houses seven societally engaged institutions. Barmbek was traditionally a working-class district and has developed dynamically today into a neighborhood with a heterogeneous, international population comprising all sections of the population. Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V. continues to be its cultural meeting place today.

The creative location offers projects such as Kulturpunkt im Basch, BaschKids, Stadtteilwelten and Werkstatt Mixed Media, the online magazine “Middemang” as well as a cultural district in southern Barmbek, which unites all people under the motto “Wir Welt Weit!" (Us Worldwide!). Numerous events take place directly in the neighborhood in order to support a positive interaction with the city’s society and to ensure all are visible. 

Kulturhaus Dehnhaide

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Kulturhaus Dehnhaide

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