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Kultur vor Ort e.V.


Kultur Ort e.V. is a non-profit association who started in the international Quarter Gröpelingen in the west part of Bremen more than 20 years ago. Today schools, institutions, businesses, and many dedicated individuals are members of our organization.

We work in a so called "Arrival-Quarter" with a long history of migration and changes. Gröpelingen has 37.500 inhabitants from over 120 nations speaking more than 70 languages, 10.000 of them are under 18 years old. Nearly 20% of the inhabitants are not able to take part in elections. Therefore we understand arts and culture as a platform for everyone in the district to break down borders, to develop curiosity, to talk to each other. Our projects and programs are not only a resourceful city marketing, they also serve to build a vibrant democratic and solidarity society.

Kultur vor Ort e.V.

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Kultur vor Ort e.V.

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