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interaction Leipzig e.V.


interaction Leipzig e.V. has been funded in 2015 in order to create encounters between people with and without refugee background. It does so by organizing a diverse variety of cultural events, which we call ‘interactions’: For example, photo workshops, a programming course, cooking events, monthly museum visits, intercultural picnics and much more. We also have an active multilingual choir and a theatre group as well as a monthly musical jam session. The goal is to strengthen the social and cultural participation of people with and without a refugee biography. Another goal of our NGO is the transcultural opening of cultural institutions in Leipzig. To do so we cooperate with different institutions like Schauspiel Leipzig, GRASSI Museum for Applied Arts.

interaction Leipzig e.V.

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interaction Leipzig e.V.

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Weißenfelser Straße 65 H

c/o Social Impact Lab

04229 Leipzig