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Built in 1906, the landmarked Honigfabrik was originally a margarine factory. A honey factory moved in after the Second World War, giving the building its current name. The honey production ceased in 1997 and a cultural institution moved in in 1979. 

The most important principle of the initiative is to make possible and conduct activities that are respectively independent. Honigfabrik Kommunikationszentrum Wilhelmsburg e.V. provides space, ideas and everything else necessary to everyone who wants to engage in creative work with their own concepts while working in a team with others. It is an intergenerational place and combines social and cultural activities of all kinds. It provides cultural offerings for the part of the city it is located in, but not only there: it also thinks in global dimensions, as Wilhelmsburg is part of Hamburg, where many cultures come together and coexist. 


Fellows hosted


Contact details

Industriestraße 125-131
21107 Hamburg
+49 40 421039-0

Personal contact for START:
Brigitte Schulz und Thomas Giese
+49 40 421039-0