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freiLand is the biggest self-governed cultural center in Potsdam. We are a vivid cultural area of 12.000 m² with 5 buildings where more than 100 people are continuously active in over 40 groups. The essential ideas of freiLand Potsdam are:

a) Basic democracy: A plenum in which things are decided by consensus and – from chairperson to intern – everyone’s voice is of equal value and any person can veto anything.

b) Low thresholds to allow access and participation regardless of social and cultural background. This refers to the audience as well as to people who want to participate in projects.

c) D-I-Y and thinking out-of-the-box is preferred over buying services and goods, thus: failing must be an option. We want to provide young people with a space in which they can gain experience; this includes letting them commit mistakes so that they can learn.

d) Idealism is more important than reputation or public relations.


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