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Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik


Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik e.V. is a central location in Ahlen for a variety of people, young and old alike. This intercultural communication and community center has its own restaurant and is open 300 days a year. About 180 different concerts, parties, theater productions, exhibitions, art projects, films, discussions and more per year enrich the cultural life of Ahlen and beyond. More than 12,500 people attend the cultural programming over the course of the year. Providing advice and support for those seeking asylum is as much a part of Schuhfabrik as is the intercultural work and the work with youth culture. 

The work of Bürgerzentrums Schuhfabrik e.V. seizes upon social trends, is driven by passion and uses all cultural techniques. The members of the association, visitors and users of the building always have the opportunity to bring their ideas, performances and projects and thus contribute to the diversity of the center.

Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik

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Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik

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