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ALTE MU Impuls-Werk e.V.


ALTE MU Impuls-Werk is a creative center in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein's state capital Kiel. Located in the abandoned building of the former Muthesius Art Acadamy, ALTE MU is a bottom-up, self-governed space for collaborative work and creative production, broadly focussing on sufficiency and sustainability. About 180 members and 40 projects are part of the ALTE MU, organising themselves in the biweekly plenum.

ALTE MU provides space for a mix of non-profits, start-up’s and established projects. Established projects subsidise the rents of non-profit projects — a system of solidarity, that finances and facilitates grass-roots innovations.

In order to develop a strong vision for the ALTE MU the community is organized in working groups and develops possible futures for preserving and transforming the site into 'The Creative Village of the Future'. Therefore the Planning Office for Urban Transformation was founded to professionalize public communications and citizen participation, and to make change happen. 

ALTE MU Impuls-Werk e.V.

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ALTE MU Impuls-Werk e.V.

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