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Zina Sarris

2018/19 Athens

Zina holds extensive experience in project coordination and event curation with arts and cultural organisations in London and Athens. She is currently developing social engagement projects in her home country of Greece, alongside her creative sound and music practice. Her academic background includes topics related to Acoustic Ecology and Medical Ethnomusicology (MA, Goldsmiths), which have solidified her belief that sound and music are powerful mechanisms for positive social transformation and fusing community bonds.

The weakness of support networks in Greece for people with learning difficulties has urged Zina to discover ways to engage a neurodiverse population through musicking. Through establishing this initiative, she hopes for further access to music, as well as spurring self-advocacy and social empowerment. 

Programs such as START (Germany, 2018) have equipped her with the confidence and expertise to pursue her vision of a dynamic inclusive community, that in turn can motivate pivotal changes within society.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Sounds Good

The ultimate goal of Sounds Good (SG) is to show that people with disabilities (PWDS) are able-bodies, in contrast to disabling definitions society has set, and the incapacity to accept difference. SG will be exemplary in a context where hardly any infrastructures in Athens support these ideas. The need for initiatives such as SG, is strong. SG will be an initiative that creates further access to music participation, with particular interest to include PWDS. An inclusive approach is vital within the Athenian landscape, due to severe lack of it.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Sounds Good

Creating access to music for a neurodiverse community.

A meeting point for aspiring musicians, supporters of music and for those still untouched by it. This project is creating accessible and inclusive daily workshops where people have a chance to get to know digital musical instruments. Short introductions are made for each instrument, followed by the chance to improvise with them, and ending with playing together in a group. 

Making music, or ‘musicking’ — a term used to describe participation with music on any level, be it listening, playing, collaborating), is inextricably linked with building confidence and bettering communication, an integral motive behind this initiative. Establishing practices of this kind on a long term basis could also offer support for families and alleviate stress accumulated second hand from the difficulties experienced by individuals facing daily struggles and social isolation.

Host Institution


Die VILLA is the sociocultural center in the heart of Leipzig. Every week, more than 100 activities and events take place here - in great variety and for all ages.

More than 90,000 visitors come to the house per year. Almost half of these are children and young people, a quarter is seniors. The proportion of people with disabilities or with a migration background is above average in Leipzig.

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