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Xanthi Tsazi

2017/18 Argos

Born in Agrinio, Xanthi had her first contact with music at an early age. Her initial passion for music led her to become a violinist with an extensive knowledge of music theory. In parallel, she participated in several cultural events as a vocalist and a traditional dancer. She became a teacher graduating from the Faculty of Primary Education in Athens where she earned an MA in educational management. Her experience in the field of cultural management focuses on tutoring and mentoring. She has collaborated with several NGOs in Greece, such as the Network for Children’s Rights, and has worked on numerous intercultural projects. Xanthi intends to expand her professional management skills in order to fulfill her vision; using music as a natural tool of communication, she aims to facilitate participatory cultural exchange in Athens. Today, she implements experimental cultural educational programs in the area of Attica working at Dro company.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Orient vol. Huchting

In cooperation with Kulturladen Huchting, I realized a musical educational initiative addressed to primary school children and more specific to refugee, second-generation and German children. We implemented an educational methodology that facilitates non-verbal communication. We used educational tools focusing on music embedded in workshops and interactive games. Our aims were to activate and strengthen the team membership, create social engagement, promote artistic and cultural expression and have an exchange of ideas. Τo achieve our goals, we created the following structure for the workshops: 1) acquaintance and familiarity with rhythm, 2) team empowerment and bonds, 3) self-acknowledgement and improvisation, 4) expressing common values and 5) evaluation. Upon completion of the project, we created a video showing the process mentioned above as well as the interaction of the different target groups. Finally, the project was presented at Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus in collaboration with Kulturladen Huchting, QUARTIER and steptext dance project.

Host Institution

Kulturladen Huchting

Kulturladen Huchting is a neighborhood cultural institution in a socially disadvantaged neighborhood in southern Bremen that provides cultural education options in the areas of music, dance, theater, photography, video, radio, mixed media, visual art and languages intended for all age and population groups in the neighborhood and beyond.

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Orient vol. Huchting
Orient vol. Huchting
Orient vol. Huchting
Orient vol. Huchting