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Victoria Pervizou

2016/17 Thessaloniki

Victoria Pervizou is a cultural manager and lawyer based in Greece. During her studies in Edinburgh, she co-founded Syn Festival: the first multi-arts festival for Greek artists based in Edinburgh. Syn Festival runs this year for the third time.

When she went back to Greece, she initiated Thessaloniki Science Festival, which successfully gathered 6.000 visitors and more than 200 participants. In May 2015 she started working as a cultural policy consultant to the Mayor of Nikiti, Chalcidice. Part of this collaboration was her involvement with the Historical and Folklore Museum of Nikiti as a cultural project manager. In June 2016, she was invited in Bucharest, to the annual event of museums, “We Are Museums’’ in order to run her workshop on successful audience development techniques.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Present the STEAMulator

My Phase I START project took place in Nafplio, Greece, during the VI Deutsch-Griechische Versammlung (German-Greek Assembly). More specifically, during this event, I had the chance to give a short speech on the direct and indirect communi- ty benefits when a regional administration supports young people’s initiatives, using Thessaloniki Science Festival as an example of a good practice.

I saw my involvement in this conference as a great oppor- tunity to do some market research by introducing my START Project “STEAMulator” to the Greek Mayors. Therefore, I gathered some feedback through questionnaires and one on one individual discussions concerning (mainly) the idea, its necessity and its structure.

Host Institution


Since 2000 the Clubcommission Berlin is laying the groundwork for the preservation, development and future of the Berlin club scene. The Clubcommission speaks on behalf of the many voices of this sector. We promote the sectors’ political, administrative, economic and cultural interests to ensure their recognition among politicians, administration and our society. The Clubcommission is also the main point of contact for the press, authorities, institutions and service providers.

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Present the STEAMulator
Present the STEAMulator
Present the STEAMulator