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Victoria Chatziargyriou

2018/19 Athens

Since graduating in Biology, Victoria has worked as an environmental educator. She has an MSc in environmental education and other alternative teaching techniques. Travelling around Greece working in nature conservation for NGOs, she formed a clear idea of her dream job: to inspire young people about respect for nature and support their connection with it.

Victoria is the co-founder of GreeNest, a team focused on developing educational curricula on sustainability and permaculture for schools of Athens. Her vision is to transform schools into permaculture centers. She truly believes that alternative forms of education could form a different society based on environmental ethics, which is actually respect for life.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title


The project aims at designing and implementing a permaculture curriculum for schools, in order to transform them into sustainable living organisms. The vision is to alter the form schools work so far and make them really useful for the local community and for the student’s personal lives. Greek education lacks environmental awareness. Greek schools should follow the stream of energy transition movements, degrowth initiatives and permaculture communities and incorporate this perspective in their official curriculum.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


 greeNest is aiming at the transformation of Rafina's schools into sustainable living organisms, involving the local community.

greeNest will design and implement educational environmental programs in the five public schools of Rafina, a small rural region close to Athens. Experiential learning and hands on activities will be used, so as the children to be introduced in the main ideas of permaculture. The aim is to transform schools into sustainable ecosystems. The municipality is going to be involved by providing its public facilities such as an area for composting the organic waste the schools produce.
Rafina is a coastal area with a forest of pine trees still remaining. There is also an ecocommunity in the forest, that is interested in getting involved to the project by providing the place for outdoor education and environmental awareness. greeNest already has the official permission from the ministry of education to operate the environmental programms in schools.
We are planning to design more educational programms adding themes like waste management, bioclimatic design,food efficiency, energy litteracy, water management. There is nothing similar in the area and there is a great lack of awareness in environmental issues in Rafina.


Host Institution

HausDrei e.V.

We are HausDrei, a sociocultural center in Altona-Altstadt, a vibrant district located in the heart of Hamburg. We see ourselves as a meeting point for our neighbors, so our programe is as diverse as the neighborhood we are based in.

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