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Vasilis Tziokas

2018/19 Athens

Vasilis Tziokas is currently living in Athens, doubling as a professional in the field of displaced unaccompanied minors' protection, while working as a writer and filmmaker. He has a BA in Psychology and a Professional Diploma in filmmaking, and his dissertation focuses on divergent thinking and creative writing (MA Applied Cognitive and Developmental Psychology). His artistic collaborations include organisations such as "Michael Cacoyannis" Foundation and Piraeus Municipal Theatre, and his short films are shown in various festivals. His diverse educational and working background in psychology and arts already reveal his innovative and creative social nature, as well as his commitment to achieve his goals. Deeply convinced of the power of collaboration and diversity, Vasilis seeks to begin a creative journey full of interweaved personal and collective narratives, determined to provide groups of excluded minorities with tools to discover and develop mutual discourse with the local community, through a storytelling adventure.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Campfire Stories

''Campfire Stories'' is an initiative addressed to teenagers, emerging adults and young adults, from diverse, underprivileged groups (people of color, victims of any form of violence or discrimination, refugees, the unemployed, immigrants, and marginalized members of the LGBTQI community) who are interested in creative writing or drawing and who want to communicate about issues through storytelling. It emphasizes the creation of safe and bonded groups of 7-8 persons, and the use of the public space as the field in which experiences get shared and stories collaboratively developed. Participants have the chance to connect, get stimulated and co-create, in outdoor and site-specific workshops, inspired by the neighborhood's cultural heritage; the project also seeks to engage the local community to participate too, through interactive community events. ''Campfire Stories'' promotes a new, alternative model of collective and collaborative creation that connects storytellers with the community and deals with social and political issues rarely discussed in the public cultural sphere in Greece. Its main goals are co-creation, empowerment, group problem-solving and decision-making, done in a way that promotes a grassroots approach to the creation and storytelling industries.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


Bringing together diverse, excluded individuals, to help them collaboratively and innovatively create and communicate their stories.

The goal of this initiative is to bring together diverse, different and not included aspiring writers (students, young adults, refugees, people of color, women, unemployed, struggling writers), who through a series of alternative outdoor creative writing workshops, will create narratives that they will finally present at the end of every cycle in front of the local community, members of the creative industry and of course the rest of the participants. The aim of this initiative is to give tools and opportunities to the disembodied and vulnerable to be trained in narrative writing, help them express their unique voices and passions, motivate them to network with each other and start a conversation between the writing groups, the community, and the creative industries, forming this way an ever-growing core of passionate individuals.

By using the term ''Campfire Stories'' we want to emphasize on the philosophy of the creation of safe and bonded teams of 5-6 persons where interesting, original and personal ideas will be shared, constructive feedback and productive speech will take place and stories will be collaborately developed under ''unique'' conditions, before they will finally be presented for the information and pleasure of the audiences and the strengthen of the community.

Host Institution


zakk GmbH is a socio-cultural center with a diverse and ambitious cultural program. The program is mainly focused on the departments of “Wort & Bühne” (word and stage), music, intercultural work, discos, projects and politics. Visitors of zakk have all kinds of social backgrounds and people of any age are welcome, from teenagers gifted with a literary talent to seniors interested in “ to use the internet properly?” The zakk cultural center is a nonprofit organization and the sole partner is the registered organization zakk e.V.

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