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Vasia Ntoulia

2017/18 Athens

Vasia is a freelancer filmmaker with a BA in filmmaking from Kingston University in London. While at Kingston, she developed a great interest in working with communities and sought a special social aspect of her work. Her graduation film, “Immersing in a Water Tank”, was a compelling portrait of a Cuban cultural center entering a time of change. Her inner passion for storytelling pushed her to get involved in different parts of the filmmaking process, film production, research and project management. Her work has also been selected and screened in national and international film and media festivals. Lastly, she was selected for the first global residency of “THE AND” project created by the the Skin Deep Studio, based in New York. “THE AND” is an interactive documentary addressing human relations in the digital age. Vasia co-produced and directed “THE AND” in Greece.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

This is not a feminist project

This is not a feminist project is a multimedia online platform that attempts to link the historical past of the Women's Movement in Greece with a variety of contemporary female stories via a living, digital timeline. The platform incorporates a broad range of media, from audiovisual to printed material, which is developed in two parts.

The 1st features the documented traces of women’s activism and experiences from the 2nd Wave of the Greek Feminist Movement, as well as the social, cultural, and institutional transformations that shaped them from 1980 until today. The 2nd gathers short films by young female filmmakers, produced for the needs of the project, that explore the personal stories of women of different cultural, social, political and ethnic identities, who are residing in Greece.

Since, until now, this fragment of social history has not been presented digitally, and as the discussions regarding the perception of women are still urgent in our country, the project aims to raise awareness on women's identity and gender equality matters, to offer wider access to an extensive collection of archival material, to provide space for further interaction among diverse communities, and to reflect on current women's issues through the perspectives of women who did not have the opportunity to be heard in the past.


Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Das Ahlen Experiment Das ist kein feministisches Projekt

“Das Ahlen Experiment” explores female identity and involves women from different cultural backgrounds.

Five women from Ahlen were interviewed; they shared different perspectives on their gender today and revealed their stories and personalities. The different perspectives combined with a look at past experiences; this enabled us to understand the perspectives of female gender better and initiate a deeper integration within society among genders and cultures.

Based on the interviewees’ input, a short teaser was created and projected in three Ahlen neighborhoods, thereby addressing the issue in public spaces.

Alongside the installations, a website was created with more stories from the interview process. The project was administrated by Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik e.V. after its completion; it was provided with space for further interaction and discussion on female gender identity within the local community.

Host Institution

Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik

Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik e.V. is a central location in Ahlen for a variety of people, young and old alike. This intercultural communication and community center has its own restaurant and is open 300 days a year. About 180 different concerts, parties, theater productions, exhibitions, art projects, films, discussions and more per year enrich the cultural life of Ahlen and beyond. More than 12,500 people attend the cultural programming over the course of the year.

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Das Ahlen Experiment
Das Ahlen Experiment
Das Ahlen Experiment