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Theodora Savva

2015/16 Athens

Theodora Savva has concluded my postgraduate studies (MA) in Cultural Management. During her postgraduate studies she worked as a Production Manager in a short film and after that she begun a cooperation in the cultural project "Dourgouti Island Hotel" which runs until today. Moreover, she has also previous professional experience in the cultural sector as she has worked as a columnist in cultural web sites for two years. She also holds a MA in Education and Human Rights and has worked voluntarily as an assistant in the Educational sector of ActionAid Hellas. Her main purpose is to become a competent Cultural Manager in the particular field of theatre. She is interested in the creation and organization of theatre-oriented cultural projects where special social groups like children, adolescents and immigrants will be actively involved.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

You.Th.i Project

You.Th.i Project is an innovative cultural initiative which utilizes art and the communication that art produces through two different means of act. On the one hand, the one-day You.Th.i Festival which is mainly focused on theatre, but uses at the same time other parallel artistic events, and the web platform You.Th.i Project. Throughout its events You. th.i project aims at promoting the creative contact of mainly young people with the concept of multiculturalism, but it aims as well at facilitating intercultural artistic collaborations between people who are active in all art genres.

You.Th.i Project was created in order to give voice and provide a “space” of open artistic expression for artists of all art genres who live and work in Greece, either immigrants or refugees or even just second generation children who were born in Greece but remain excluded from the mainstream artistic networks.

The web platform of You.Th.i Project will function as a space of free movement of ideas and self expression. The users of the platform, according to art genre in which they expertise will have the opportunity to upload a brief personal profile or CV and to publicize parts of their previous artworks or even their ideas for cultural projects. You.Th.i Project aspires to create new digital and physical spaces of encounter between people who otherwise might not probably have the opportunity to meet each other.


Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

ich hab geträumt, der Winter wär´vorbei

Stay tuned! More info on this project will follow soon.

Host Institution

Theater RambaZamba

Theater RambaZamba in Berlin was founded in 1991 by the actress Gisela Höhne. 25 years later, the art and theatre world, the public and the media recognize RambaZamba as “Germany’s most famous inclusive theatre” (Mainzer Allgemeine) and as a place where it’s possible to experience “disability as a strength” (Frankfurter Rundschau). The peculiarity of Theater RambaZamba is its actors: 35 people with different disabilities are working as professional actors. They rehearse five days a week and play about 80 shows per year in-house, as well as in guest performances in Germany and abroad.

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