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Theodora Bareka

2019/20 Ioannina

Theodora is 29 years old and her interest in “moving around” has already led her to live in 5 different cities across Greece and Spain. Currently she lives and works in Ioannina and on the island of Lefkas. She is a social scientist (BSc) and a dance movement therapist (MA). In recent years she has collaborated with public and private sociocultural centers, mental health centers and NGO’s (Public Theatre of Ioannina, EPP.PSY. H., Terre des Hommes, BAOBAB etc.) by doing case management, psychosocial sessions and dance movement therapy (DMT) and creative dance projects. She works with people with mental health issues, with children and adults with special educational needs and with refugee and migrant children and teenagers. 

Using her considerable experience in various humanitarian aid programs and in “moving around”, she got inspired for a DMT project addressed to refugee children.  Her aims are to support children to express themselves and to enhance their personal development by using creative arts therapies and non-verbal approaches as a bridges for communication. 

Theodora sees her 2019 START fellowship as a way she could elaborate her management skills in the sociocultural sector, and at the same time remind children that dance and creative arts can help them overcome or cope with difficult situations. More information about her approach can be found here

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Refugee children and Dance Movement Therapy

This project is concerned with the phenomenon of the Greek Refugee Crisis and promotes the resilience, empowerment and the possible future integration of these populations into the Greek society. Attention is given to refugee children in particular. Since most refugees face the language barrier in the host countries, non-verbal approaches,
such as Creative Arts Therapies (CATs) could act as a bridge between the internal and the external worlds in order to intervene on their social but also their emotional well-being. Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) in particular, is one of the CATs that uses body movement and dance as a therapeutic tool in order to assist integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual aspects of self. What it is proposed is a model of psycho-social and psycho-emotional intervention through DMT for refugee children. It is designed for children from 4-12 years of age, be hold for a period of 6 months (4 hours every week), be supported by guest artists and volunteers, taking place in camps and in sociocultural centers of Epirus region.

Host Institution

Lagerhalle e.V.

The Lagerhalle was founded in 1976. As a sociocultural center, people can not only participate in more than 500 cultural events per year, but they can also be creative and get involved in many themes. The events are varied and reach many people in the region of Osnabrueck: concerts, political cabaret and comedy, theater, readings, lectures, discussions, poetry slams, cinema, and music for children and dance parties. There are several festivals taking place in the Lagerhalle. The center is also active in the cultural integration of refugees.

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