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Stella Avgoustidou

2017/18 Gera, Lesbos

Stella comes from the island of Lesbos. She is an architect (BA in Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and she also has a Diploma in Acting from Dilos Drama School. For the last 12 years, she has been working as a freelance architect and also in the widest range of positions in the field of theater. Her peers call her a “multipotentialite” but she believes that “innovation happens at the intersections”. Thus, she aspires to have theater serve social awareness by redefining our connection with space and everyday surroundings.

Her university thesis, “Operating a soap factory again”, and training in documentary and verbatim theater are her tools to develop a program at her island for documentary theater in old industrial buildings. START, and the practice she had during her training at the Kulturkabinett in Stuttgart, will be her allies!

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title


Restory derives from the words “restore“, „story”, and “history”. It is a sustainable creative venture aiming to re-activate abandoned spaces in rural and urban areas such as the communities concerned.

Local people, irrespective of age or background and with the cooperation of the respective authorities, are called to a series of collective activities to revive an abandoned landmark of local history and/or identity. They form various interconnected groups according to their personal interests (Research Group, Interviews Group, Experiential tours Group, Kids Group etc.) and create together a site-specific documentary theater play visualizing historical data, testimonials and their own views and proposals for its future.

The experiential process strengthens collective remembrance, the sense of co-ownership and love for the homeland. The individuals create new perspectives for the building, are urged to care about their heritage and increase its visibility.

In parallel, through regular Open Meetings with reference to the building, the community is introduced to participatory methods of physical communication, interaction, and common action on local matters.

Restory starts from the abandoned industrial buildings of Gera (Lesvos). It is travelling wherever there is a need to put any space back on the map and local life, envisioning an overall redefinition of our surroundings.  


Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

The “Space and Objects” Workshop

Under the umbrella of research on ways to redefine our surroundings, a workshop was designed with the aim of observing how people relate and interact with the space and objects they use. The “Space and Objects” workshop was conducted at three different venues (the Kulturkabinett and New English American Theater in Stuttgart as well as the Kulturzentrum in Esslingen) and addressed six diverse target groups: 9 kindergarten kids (5-6 years old), 7 schoolchildren (9-12 years old), 10 refugees (17- 22 years old), 7 adults (28-65 years old), 8 Germans (31-68 years old), 14 Americans (19-70 years old). They all had fun performing a series of theater games, exercises and improvisations adjusted to each group’s characteristics. We observed how people of different ages, genders, origins and backgrounds connect to their surroundings and interact with the same objects. In the workshop, they were also urged to create new perspectives for themselves, reassess their everyday surroundings and become more observant and alert as individuals.

Host Institution


Kulturkabinett e.V. (KKT) is a socio-culture center in Stuttgart - Bad Cannstatt. 

The institution provides a home for many groups, initiatives, projects and culture makers. It is thus the center of active production and project work.

The amateur theater groups based in Kulturkabinett, together with the culture makers in the fields of theater, cabaret, show, music and visual art, over an interdisciplinary schedule of programming for adults and children.

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The “Space and Objects” Workshop
The “Space and Objects” Workshop
The “Space and Objects” Workshop