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Stela Anastasaki

2019/20 Thessaloniki

Stela Anastasaki is a cultural manager, residing in Thessaloniki since 2000. Her professional experience derives mainly from her employment in the museum sector and other cultural and educational institutions (MMCA, AUTH). She has studied archaeology and holds an MA in History of Art (AUTH University).

Art and crafts have fascinated her since she was a child raised in a rural environment where hands-on creation is a way of life and working with crafts is innate and effortless, where everyone had opportunity to embrace the rewarding opportunity of creativity. Having realized that access to the arts and all the multifaceted aspects of culture is not a given for many people, Stela's vision is to work to create a platform that enables participation for all in whatever is perceived as art - in an equal, democratic and enjoyable manner. 

Diving deep into the notion of accessibility, she gained extremely valuable experience through the implementation of the project Matter over Matter. There she co-designed an exhibition aiming to grant access to and be inclusive of people with impaired vision through the creation of tangible art works using newly introduced 3D technologies. As a continuation of this line of endeavour, Stela’s 2019 START placement in Germany demonstrates her aspiration to fully explore, elaborate and experiment in the introduction of new technologies aiming to facilitate access to audiences with special and specific needs.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

E.N.G.A.G.E. : Enabling the iNtroduction of new technoloGies to engAGe audiencEs

The main aim of the project is to provide access to people with impaired vision to art exhibitions and museums through the use of the newly introduced 3D printing technologies. The focus group of this project will be people with impaired vision along with general audiences with the collaboration of artists and 3D designers. Parallel goals of this project will be the elaboration of new tools and the information of general audiences of the needs of people with impaired vision as well as the integration and meaningful participation of that specific social group to other aspects of today’s cultural and artistic production.

Host Institution

Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik

Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik e.V. is a central location in Ahlen for a variety of people, young and old alike. This intercultural communication and community center has its own restaurant and is open 300 days a year. About 180 different concerts, parties, theater productions, exhibitions, art projects, films, discussions and more per year enrich the cultural life of Ahlen and beyond. More than 12,500 people attend the cultural programming over the course of the year.

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