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Stela Anastasaki

2019/20 Thessaloniki

Stela Anastasaki is a cultural manager residing in Thessaloniki since 2000. Her professional experience derives mainly from her employment in the cultural sector and more specifically museums, and cultural and educational institutions in Thessaloniki (Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, PlantCult, LABattoir Project). She has studied Archaeology and holds an MA in History of Art (AUTh).

One of the challenges she’s encountered as a professional was in designing engaging participatory narratives aiming to invite diverse audiences to experience all the multifaceted aspects of contemporary art. Having realized that access to art and cultural venues is not a given for many people, Stela’s vision is to work towards developing adequate tools and inclusive practices that enable engagement of people with impaired vision in art museums in an equal and playful manner. Her aspiration is that the right to experiencing culture, become part of our daily life and be as easy and natural for all.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Mind’s Eye

The Mind’s Eye project is focused on the development of inclusive practices aiming to meaningfully engage in art people who experience sight loss, providing them with opportunities to access exhibitions independently and to form their own impressions and opinions. 

In this framework, several professionals from different disciplines, working in collaboration with the visually impaired community, are exploring alternative ways of “seeing” and developing inclusive practices that interpret the essence, the atmosphere, the form and the story behind each of the artworks. The developed practices, applied to a section of the museum’s collection and space, focus on sparking haptic and acoustic stimuli that derive from each of the artworks, to enable the unique experience of connecting with art through the “mind’s eye”.  The Mind’s Eye project will launch for the first time at the premises and the collection of MOMus Museum of Contemporary Art taking the form a series of public events, opening with an Info Day "Access & Inclusion of the Visually Impaired in Art and Museums - Exploring Ways of Visualizing Artworks". Additionally, the project entails several guided tours conducted for the public by people with visual impairment.


Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

TakTil: Development of experimental inclusive practices using digital media

The main aim of the project is to provide access to people with impaired vision to cultural institutions through the use of the newly introduced 3D printing technologies. TakTil focused on the development of an inclusive practice that took the form of a sign that was installed at the entrance of Bürgerzentum Schuhfabrik e.V. combining information in four different formats, all 3D printed:

The name and keywords about the sociocultural center in relief writing, instructions, basic information and the center's name in German Braille transcription. Two QR-Codes, the first code providing instructions about the facilities of the center, where to find what inside the building. The second QR-Code carried information about the building's past history as a "Schuhfabrik". These codes, when scanned with the personal cell phone, enabled a voice recorded message with information about these two topics. Last, the sign included an orientation symbol indicating north.

Host Institution

Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik

Bürgerzentrum Schuhfabrik e.V. is a central location in Ahlen for a variety of people, young and old alike. This intercultural communication and community center has its own restaurant and is open 300 days a year. About 180 different concerts, parties, theater productions, exhibitions, art projects, films, discussions and more per year enrich the cultural life of Ahlen and beyond. More than 12,500 people attend the cultural programming over the course of the year.

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