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Sofia Konstantopoulou

2017/18 Thessaloniki

In her studies in Communications at the University of Athens, Sofia achieved an ability to leave a trace as a public relations representative for various events. After having spent several years in the areas of public relations and marketing, she decided to dive deep into the field of project management. By participating in gender equality and empowerment projects in Greece, Spain, Albania and Brazil, Sofia built up a panorama of intersectional gender identities. Consequently, the next step was to organize conferences, workshops and speak herself. In addition, her experience as the vice-president at a NGO for youths was the starting point for her aspiring mission to work with children. Currently, Sofia’s next ambition is to embody her vision for gender equality in the field of cultural education.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Pixida Straße

“Pixida Straße” (Compass Street) navigated gender trainers through a theatrical journey. The idea was generated from the will to enrich an already wide panorama of teaching methods for cultural educators in gender identity workshops. In collaboration with the feminist “theater of the oppressed” group called “Madalena-Berlin”, we designed special instruction for trainers. Our main goal was to create a space where educators could explore critical thinking in theatrical practice. By role playing (“Image and Newspaper Theater”), participants explored the diverse ways gender stereotypes are illustrated and therefore internalized. Based on the belief that our inner compass leads us to the path of gender expression, we set a call to action and a mission for each participant: to find their own gender street! Through the process of observing, feeling and acting as oppressed individuals, educators now have a new tool to raise awareness of proper identity and gender expression.

Host Institution

Jugend Museum

Jugend Museum is a vibrant museum for all generations; in the old „Millionenvilla“ in Berlin’s Schöneberg district, it presents unusual exhibitions on urban history and enables an interest-based access to history and the reality of life today. 

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Pixida Straße
Pixida Straße
Pixida Straße