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Sofia Badeka

2015/16 Thessaloniki

Sofia Badeka is an architect equipped with faith and tenacity ready to deal with small or big problems. She has an MSc Degree in Renewable Energy. My personal interests include the connected range of disciplines of Engineering, Art, Bioclimatic Architecture and filming, Architecture for the poor and social projects. These interests have driven her to collaborate with various architectural offices, social communities and projects in Greece, Spain, UK, Costa Rica, China, Turkey, and Bulgaria. I have taken part in more than 15 workshops and I completed various social projects with young locals with different initiatives and organizations around the world. I have experience as a Project Manager working in companies, organizations, volunteer programs, and local initiatives/communities.   

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Culture without Boarders

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Host Institution


freiLand is the biggest self-governed cultural center in Potsdam. We are a vivid cultural area of 12.000 m² with 5 buildings where more than 100 people are continuously active in over 40 groups. The essential ideas of freiLand Potsdam are:

a) Basic democracy: A plenum in which things are decided by consensus and – from chairperson to intern – everyone’s voice is of equal value and any person can veto anything.

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