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Salam-Irini Ampoumogli

2019/20 Athens

Irini is an actress with an MA in Stage Directing (University of Thessaloniki, Lassaâd École Internationale de Théâtre, Brussels). Her interest and activism in intersectional feminisms and social inequalities also led her to obtain an MA in Sociology (University of Crete). She has worked as a theatre teacher in primary schools for children with various disabilities, and, in collaboration with several institutions (Hellenic Network of Theatre in Education, Centre for Gender Research - University of Crete, Irini has used her experience and academic background to participate in and create performances and educational programs to raise awareness of racism and gender stereotypes for youths and adults.

Passionate about learning and challenging herself in unknown territories, Irini often travels around Europe to meet grassroot feminist groups, learn new theatrical techniques, or just for the joy of meeting new people and diverse cultures! Irini deeply believes in the necessity of feminism in contemporary societies and the transformational power of theatre. Her fellowship in the START program in 2019 came as a great opportunity to gain experience in cultural management and expand her tools in the field of social culture, helping her meet her aim to combine feminist practices with education and theatre in order to empower women* in rural areas of Crete.


Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

The Veggera Project

The aim of the “Veggera Project” is to engage women living in rural areas in Crete in issues concerning gender equality and stereotypes. It aspires to create a strong supportive community among women in the village, contribute to the tightening of bonds between them and reveal their potential. The majority of women in rural areas don’t take advantage of the expertise and experts that exist in the cities due partly to social and geographical isolation and partly to their lack of time because of their duties of home, family and child care. The “Veggera Project” is innovative because:

• It reduces geographical and mobility limitations by bringing experts and specialists to the women in the village.
• It eliminates mobility restrictions due to child care; creative participatory activities will be organized by a theater teacher for the women's children for the duration of the workshops.
• It empowers women through a participatory and entertaining process in formulating the content of workshops based on their own ideas and knowledge.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Women's herstories: Past, present, future

“Women’s herstories”: past / present / future was a small scale project aiming at bringing forward empowering stories of women. (“herstory”- a wordplay about history)

Women’s stories are usually kept in the dark. The project wanted to make their stories heard; to see their lives and to learn their experiences, because the past is always necessary in order to go forward. And their stories become also our collective history. The project aspired to recreate the sense of continuity between the generations, by treasuring recipes, remedies or objects that go from generation to generation among women. Through interviews with women a small booklet was created in English and Greek in order for these stories to continue to empower in other countries and to function as a connection to the large scale project in Greece. At the same time an exhibition was created at zakk with their photos and their empowering words.

Host Institution


zakk GmbH is a socio-cultural center with a diverse and ambitious cultural program. The program is mainly focused on the departments of “Wort & Bühne” (word and stage), music, intercultural work, discos, projects and politics. Visitors of zakk have all kinds of social backgrounds and people of any age are welcome, from teenagers gifted with a literary talent to seniors interested in “ to use the internet properly?” The zakk cultural center is a nonprofit organization and the sole partner is the registered organization zakk e.V.

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