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Photini Papahatzi

2016/17 Kastrosikia

Photini Papahatzi, born in Athens, Greece, is a cultur- al manager, artist and photography tutor. Photini holds a MA in Arts Management from the City University, London (2001) and a degree in European Civilization from the Hellenic Open University (2016). She has also studied fashion design, computer graphics, photography, video editing, and documentary filmmaking. In addition, Photini was a TANDEM participant for project “HOME” 2015/16, has worked as the coordinator of educational programs of Photometria Festival (Ioannina) since 2013, and worked on the development and implementation of EU projects for the NGO CulturePolis. She is a photography tutor with local photography groups and for Photography Lifelong Learning courses since 2008.

She has organized and participated as an artist in photography exhibitions in NY, Cuba, UK, Germany, Greece, FYROM, Russia and Croatia. Her works are held in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


What is HOME? Where do you feel at HOME? How does it feel in your new HOME? What do you miss? Is there an object that makes you feel at HOME?

“POSTCARDS from HOME” is a community arts project, developed online and offline, bringing together local communities, refugees and artists to reflect and create on the idea of HOME.

Various workshops were implemented: with women refugees from a refugee home in Berlin-Lichtenberg, with a theater group of older people in the Nachbarschaftsheim (neighborhood center) in Berlin-Neukölln, and a workshop in collaboration with START fellow Kostas Korres in Hamburg. Individuals and differ- ent communities followed the open call to share their postcards.

Postcards are uploaded and presented in a permanent ex- hibition on the website A series of 10 postcards was also printed and given to workshop participants and a limited edition of 10 postcards has been created.

Host Institution

Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie

Founded in 2006, Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie e.V. (GfHF) supports engaged photographers and photography that deals with societally relevant topics. In solo shows and group exhibitions, it presents the work of renowned and emerging contemporary photographers. In 2017, GfHF opened an exhibition space in Berlin-Mitte. f³ – freiraum für fotografie presents five to six exhibitions of international art photography each year. In addition, artist talks with photographers, discussions and workshops are held regularly.

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