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Petros Pitsounis

2017/18 Athens

Petros has a passion for theater and holds an MSc degree in international economics from the University of Giessen. He was born in Germany, grew up bilingually in Amaliada Greece and, at the age of four, transformed from the Greek kid in Germany to the German kid in Greece overnight. He has lived in Athens for the last ten years, acting in and managing drama clubs. There he built a sustainable business model for the Theater Club of the University of Athens and managed to expand its activities during the difficult times of the Greek economic crisis. Petros has witnessed the power of theater to facilitate social inclusion firsthand and aims to use his experience to support the integration of young refugees into Greek society with his “Theatre of Integration” project in the smoothest way possible.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Theatre of Integration

The “Theatre of Integration” project utilizes the power of theatre to facilitate social inclusion and works towards a vision of European society without racism and discrimination. Young Greeks, with or without a migrant past, come together with refugees to create multicultural theatre ensembles in the heart of Athens and Piraeus. The goals are to inspire a love for theatre and the arts in participants and to further their collaboration and creativity. Throughout the procedure, great emphasis is set upon intercultural exchange between the participants during rehearsals, as these provide a unique opportunity to come into contact with new cultures and to socialise in a creative environment outside of the refugee camps. Theatre is the ideal tool to further camaraderie, as it possesses a unique power to allow people to open up and express themselves, which is the cornerstone of social inclusion and integration. Guided by professional actors and directors, the ensembles create theatrical performances in order to highlight their successful collaboration, to send a loud and clear message against racism and discrimination, and to build self-confidence and sense of collective accomplishment.


Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Theatre of Integration

A class of seven second and third grade refugee children studying in the primary school in Eisingen with no previous connection to theater developed a small theatrical performance with the guidance of their teacher and Petros. After just ten rehearsals they performed with great success in their school in front of all their teachers and classmates. The next day they travelled 6km to the city of Pforzheim were they set foot on a “real” theatrical stage for the first time.

In Pforzheim, the children joined forces with the youth theater club paradiXon, which had developed the performance “Odyssey in 20 Minutes” with Petros, to perform alongside each other. The two ensembles met, exchanged ideas and prepared together for their joint performance in front of a diverse audience of 80 people.

The excitement and love for theater was palpable and everybody present witnessed a great example of a successful intercultural artistic collaboration.

Host Institution

Kulturhaus Osterfeld

Kulturhaus Osterfeld e.V. is a socio-culture center in Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg.

Since its opening on September 2, 1994, Osterfeld has developed into the largest cultural and communication center in the region. Each year, up to 150,000 visitors and users take part in the activities of the institution.

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Theatre of Integration
Theatre of Integration
Theatre of Integration