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Periklis Chatzinakos

2019/20 Thessaloniki

Periklis was born in 1992 in Thessaloniki, where he still lives. In recent years he has worked as a cinematographer and community worker, managing various cultural events and projects in his hometown.  His studies in Cultural Technology and Communication (BA), provided him with the basic tools of cultural management, while studying Human Geography, Spatial Development and Design (MA) offered him a better understanding of the relationship between humans and the space around them.

Through his participation in the START program (2019) he is convinced that he will find opportunities to deepen his involvement in cultural management, discover new ways of applying ideas and evolve his professional skills. His vision is the development of social cohesion through the creation of a hub and to find solutions and deal with climate change in the urban landscape by working on a neighbourhood scale. His middle/up/down approach, in parallel with peer to peer knowledge, involves exchange laboratories, participatory planning, up-cycling methods and community building tools. 

Τhe increasingly severe Greek crisis and effects of climate change make him believe that this crucial situation must and can change through collaboration. He believes that his ideas will be successful and can be scaled up in other neighbourhoods around the world!

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Commons In Residency

The main goal of the project is the creation of green and communal-used spaces in the context of a typical greek “πολυκατοικία” (apartment building), exploiting the unused common-shared spaces as a field of community building and development of creative activities. The project's team - divided into two parts (a.Education/Animation, b.Technical) - will empower the Commons In Residency Community, educating them in order to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and act as multipliers to achieve the goals of the project. Commons in Residency will also work experimentally to solve the problematic relationship and connection of Greek society with the public space, using participatory tools and cultural events.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Eco Projects and Bottom Up Stories

The projects aims at research and in particular at collecting sociocultural stories from the active neighborhood of Viertel, and also at documeting ecological projects that have been realized by the Öko-department of Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus. The main purpose of that small-scale project was to better understand the bottom up sociocultural practices in Germany and how this movement flourished through the years. Nine different eco-projects are also mentioned as good practices that could be transferred into the Greek urban context. The final outcome of that effort was the production of an Eco-friendly brochure written in Greek, that is going to be printed out in Thessaloniki, Greece in order to inform and motivate young people about ecology and bottom up sociocultural activities. That brochure is supposed to inspire curiosity about ecological practices in Germany, more specifically Bremen, as a preparation for a future exchange program.

Host Institution

Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus

Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus e.V. is a location open to urban culture innovation processes and project ideas. It was occupied 35 years ago by various cultural grassroots initiatives and the former warehouse building was developed into a living center for culture.

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