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Nikos Barpakis

2017/18 Athens

Nikos Barpakis is a cultural multitasker who lives in Athens and Volos. Having spent his younger years studying economics in shipping and also pursuing a DJ career that earned him international recognition, the once classically trained musician discovered his love for collaborations on stage and off, as well as around it. As an event promoter, he has envisioned and realized more than 300 concerts throughout Greece. Various projects, such as Musicday 21st June (Fete de la Musique) over the past 13 years, or other festivals he has been a part of since their inception, focus mostly on public space interaction and low entrance fees, so that as many as possible can attend. Now a freelancer, co-owner of live clubs and member of numerous active collectives, he plans innovative concepts that maximize expression of youth and inclusion through simple participatory principles. He also envisions a sound future in Greece, one beat at a time.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

DemoCrates takeover airwaves 9/11

Arriving in Berlin, Nikos found a high level of mutual understanding with the Clubcommission. The initial idea of “DemoCrates” as a participatory musical exchange was appreciated instantly and – through the established contact with the Clubcommission and media partner – turned into a radio broadcast that would have an extended reach and be available to tune into repeatedly in the future. With the use of all the technical equipment, as well as the advice of locals, the first “DemoCrates” radio session was realized in which people could submit their own music. The creative team eventually consisted of German, Turkish and Greek collaborators; it turned into a true collaboration. Connecting Greek acquaintances to the local scene of producers, there were more than 40 original submissions. The overall feedback was very positive. The session proved this works – maybe anywhere.

Host Institution


Since 2000 the Clubcommission Berlin is laying the groundwork for the preservation, development and future of the Berlin club scene. The Clubcommission speaks on behalf of the many voices of this sector. We promote the sectors’ political, administrative, economic and cultural interests to ensure their recognition among politicians, administration and our society. The Clubcommission is also the main point of contact for the press, authorities, institutions and service providers.

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DemoCrates takeover airwaves 9/11
DemoCrates takeover airwaves 9/11
DemoCrates takeover airwaves 9/11