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Nikolaos Vandoros

2015/16 Piraeus

Niko Vandoros is an architect with a particular interest in cultural reuse, sustainable building and the spatial implementation of new digital technologies. He has a Masters in Architecture, a Masters in Cultural Heritage Management and is currently a PhD candidate. Some examples of his involvement with cultural initiatives are the reuses of the Medieval Castle of Kimolos and of the ancient shipsheds at the Zea port in Piraeus. He has also worked in other programs such as the "Green School Pilot" for which he was awarded the Thomaidion Prize.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

The Urban Game [BETA]

Nowadays, inside the urban fabric there are dystopian places that coexist in parallel with all others, serving as “urban voids”. Those “voids“, namely archaeological sites, neoclassical buildings, industrial monuments, have been rejected because of the city’s incapability to reintegrate them. The goal of “The Urban Game [BETA]“, which will take place at the archaeological site of the Shipsheds of Zea in Piraeus is to redefine the relation between those places of memory and present by introducing a new spatial dimension produced by augmented reality applications.

The means applied include:

1. digital art projections

2. gaming and gamification

3. an augmented reality app.

Specifically, inside the archaeological site, students of the Digital Art Forms post graduate course, will showcase works of art while at the same time, there will be augmented reality games. The app works as a binding factor, which can enhance the user’s experience by amplifying the physical world with digital physics and gaming rules.

“The Urban Game [BETA]“ is a youth culture initiative which merges together history, technology, art and gaming in order to create a new kind of exposition and redefine the spatial experience a user may have while visiting a place of memory.

The Urban Game
The Urban Game
The Urban Game

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Online Magazine Middenmang

The mini-project was the first step creating this online magazine by designing a pre-version homepage:

Middenmang is an interactive and inclusive website for people from all over the world, currently living in Hamburg. They are able to browse, network and publish themselves by becoming authors of their unique tales.  Different languages are not a hurdle but a bridge: Thanks to the internet, people can publish or read recipes, videos, songs, contributions in their own language. All contributions are multilingual so that others can soon sing lullabies from Afghanistan, Indonesia or Tanzania or know how to prepare Afghan rice properly and deliciously. Middenmang is looking forward to discovering the cultural diversity on the doorsteps from Hamburg, with and through everybody interested!

Host Institution

Kulturhaus Dehnhaide

Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V. was founded in 1988 by inhabitants of the Hamburg neighborhood Barmbek-Süd. It has been located in Barmbek°Basch since 2010, a community center for church, culture and society, which houses seven societally engaged institutions. Barmbek was traditionally a working-class district and has developed dynamically today into a neighborhood with a heterogeneous, international population comprising all sections of the population. Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V. continues to be its cultural meeting place today.

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