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Myrto Papadogeorgou

2019/20 Thessaloniki

Myrto lives in Thessaloniki, a city she recently moved to, attracted by its potential livability. She has been working as an audiovisual producer and filmmaker for over 16 years, dedicating most of them on civic engagement. Since her studies in Communications (Leicester University, UK), Documentary Filmmaking (Pompeu Fabra, ES) and Digital Filmmaking (NYU SCPS), she has been experimenting with innovative elements of visual storytelling, aimed at turning passive audiences into actors of change.

Believing with (an absurd?) certainty that Greek cities can become sustainable, in 2012 she founded City of Errors;  a social enterprise, spreading civic awareness through new media formats such as the cross-media platform Life in A City Full of Errors

In 2019 Myrto created Drastic, a media company based in Thessaloniki and joined the START program with the project Civic Visionaries; a series of civic awareness campaigns that harness the potential of disruptive marketing to give Greece’s social innovators and their calls to action the visibility they need and deserve.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Drastic Awareness Campaigns

Social change is generated primarily by private initiatives, big and small, that offer community-based solutions to social, civic and environmental challenges. However, in Greece, these initiatives usually struggle to find engaging ways to communicate their work and vision to their target audience, which limits their reach and impact severely. Drastic Awareness Campaigns is a series of awareness campaigns with a creative, community-based approach to the promotion of social causes, experimenting with new ways of generating engagement.
The goal is to develop and implement a disruptive campaign on driving behavior. In partnership with the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” (RSI), as well as local grass-roots
initiatives and communities active in the fields of civic engagement, accessibility and pedestrian rights, along with the valuable input of the creative industry, this project aims to develop a set of awareness experiments and put their impact to the test on the streets of Thessaloniki. The campaigns will focus on 3 archetypes of driving behavior, typical examples that summarize the wrong attitude of Greeks towards driving, one that doesn’t just make our roads unsafe; it makes our cities often feel unlivable.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Civic Visionaries

Civic Visionaries is a project that aims to promote a change in civic attitudes, through creative cross-media awareness campaigns. Counterbalancing the lack of imagination in our sparse civic education, Civic Visionaries employs innovative forms of visual storytelling like flash mob, virtual reality, 3D projection mapping, online video, 3D street art, and interactive online content, to alert and educate in new engaging ways. Ways that loudly address the problems that make our cities feel inhospitable, but at the same time empower the people and groups who lead the way in solving them.

Host Institution


The Rechenzentrum is a large space for creatives in the center of Potsdam, in the metropolitan area of Berlin. Since September 2015 the former administration building from the early 70s with 5 floors with 5000m² is the home of more than 200 creatives from all fields of the creative branches. The Rechenzentrum has become a driving force in debates of cooperative city development.

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