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Marianna Kaplatzi

2016/17 Athens

Marianna Kaplatzi (MA Cultural and Creative Indus- tries–King’s College London, master’s in Translation– Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) has been working for ten years in the field of cultural events organization, with a focus on film festivals and tributes in Greece and other European countries (UK, Cyprus, France, Spain, Luxembourg). She has experience of various positions such as: program co-ordination, curation, public relations and communications, press, production, publications, research and more. She has collaborated with private and public institutions in the film sector, including the Greek Audiovisual Institute, the Greek Cinematheque (Greek Film Archive – Greek Film Museum), Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival and others. Her main interests lie in film insti- tutions, independent and European cinema, and film in the public space. She also has ten-year’s experience in the language and translation sector; specializing in Arts/Culture/Tourism, her working languages are English, French, Spanish and Greek (mother tongue).

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


To this day Potsdam is one of the most significant locations in the world for the film industry. However, film students and artists are not that connected to the city’s social and cultural life anymore, and most of their activities are decentralized. While Potsdam craves for youth, renting in the city center is becoming ever more difficult because of high costs and the resulting gentrification effects. Young people are therefore excluded from the opportunity to bring their projects in.

“THE FILM CUBE” is a pilot-project aiming at reconnecting “young film-power” with “city-power” in Potsdam. In collab- oration with Lindenpark Potsdam we created a co-working space for young film students & artists within the Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum. We invite them to reconnect with the city-center and its creative people and potential.

“THE FILM CUBE” has been inaugurated with a film-mak- ing challenge-participants and film community alike have the opportunity for a 4-week residency at the “THE FILM CUBE”.

Host Institution


The Lindenpark (supported by Stiftung Sozialpädagogisches Institut) is one of the largest socio-cultural centers in the provincial capital Potsdam and the state of Brandenburg. In addition to its wide-ranging live program, which sets the stage for the experience of (inter-)national and regional music and theater artists, the institution offers a large number of weekly courses and projects for children and families. Within this sphere of Lindenpark’s work, a special focus is laid on effective and sustainable support for single parents and socially disadvantaged people.

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