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Maria Spanoudaki

2017/18 Athens

Maria is a researcher and curator from Greece. Her interest revolves around art exhibitions and community projects that investigate present and/or past cultural and social conditions, and act as a point of dialogue. Her education includes a BA in communication, media & culture, a MA in culture, policy & management and a MRes in exhibition studies.

Previously, Maria has curated the community-based exhibitions “Someday is Today” for Cubitt and “You are Here” for the Camden Arts Centre in London, UK. She has also worked on the production of the interfaith exhibition project “Navigations” at Red Gallery, which engaged multicultural audiences and different age groups. Her latest collaboration was with the artist-run space 3 137, where she coordinated a public discussion about the role of a museum of contemporary art within the Greek society, as part of the series of events “After the Explosion… You Hear the Light”.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Leben in Barmbek-Süd

“Leben in Barmbek-Süd” is an Instagram project focused on the stor(i)es and memories of Hamburg’s suburb Barmbek-Süd, with content directly associated with 22 people who live and work there.

Barmbek-Süd is a residential area with a variety of small independent shops and cultural centers which play an integral but undervalued role in local community building. Instagram was used as a communication tool with which locals and the online community could discover the social and cultural life of the area, witness the benefits of being active within a community as well as appreciate the significance of preserving it. Moreover, the 22 participants were given the opportunity to bring their personalities and ideas into view, to share their desires regarding their neighborhood and to be heard in a wider context.

The aim of the project was to inspire stronger community bonds and mobilization, not only in Barmbek-Süd, but throughout the world.

Host Institution

Kulturhaus Dehnhaide

Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V. was founded in 1988 by inhabitants of the Hamburg neighborhood Barmbek-Süd. It has been located in Barmbek°Basch since 2010, a community center for church, culture and society, which houses seven societally engaged institutions. Barmbek was traditionally a working-class district and has developed dynamically today into a neighborhood with a heterogeneous, international population comprising all sections of the population. Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V. continues to be its cultural meeting place today.

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Leben in Barmbek-Süd
Leben in Barmbek-Süd
Leben in Barmbek-Süd
Leben in Barmbek-Süd