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Maria Boli

2018/19 Athens

Having a deep passion for innovative pedagogy and self-awareness, Maria aims to plant her own seed in the field of social change. With the completion of a double B.A in Business Administration and Pedagogy (Athens University of Economics and Business), she began her career in the field of social entrepreneurship as community facilitator and project manager in an educational program for youth entrepreneurs in the Impact Hub (Athens). In recent years, she has worked as a trainer in different organizations (the British Council, Save the Children etc.), delivering multi-varied educational programs and activities. Continuing her studies with a 3 year degree in Theatrical Play and an MSc in Counselling Psychology (University of Thessaly), she developed her ideas for an holistic approach to education. Her interdisciplinary working experience with teachers, children and adolescents from different cultures, backgrounds and ages, has shaped her aim: social empowerment through a community space offering culture, self-awareness and civic engagement in combined educational programs. Taking the 2018 START Fellowship Program as an opportunity to develop this goal further, she has formulated this into a project to combine her interests and fulfil her vision for social change.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Charmony Community Center

'Charmony' is a multicultural hub which aims to promote cultural cultivation through educational activities.

Over the last few years, the major financial problems of Greece along with the large inflows of migrants across the country has created a sense of turbulence with regards to the preservation of culture among the citizens and the integration of migrants within the society. As such, new models and mechanisms should be created in order to amplify the existing traditions and culture and to integrate the new ones.

'Charmony' aims at the emergence of civic participation through the empowerment of the community, creating the values of respect, solidarity and collaboration between its members. Its main goal is to educate children, adolescents and adults regardless of age, interests or religious activities. Through its activities, it will try to create a friendly space for everyone to feel like home, come closer with arts, different cultures and having the sense of community.

Host Institution

Kulturladen Huchting

Kulturladen Huchting is a neighborhood cultural institution in a socially disadvantaged neighborhood in southern Bremen that provides cultural education options in the areas of music, dance, theater, photography, video, radio, mixed media, visual art and languages intended for all age and population groups in the neighborhood and beyond.

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