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Maria Adela Konomi

2018/19 Athens

Adela is a cultural manager based in Athens. Currently, she works as a gallery manager for State of Concept, an independent institution in Athens aiming to foster the appreciation of local and international contemporary art. She holds a BA in Economics but her passion for arts and culture led her to Rotterdam where she was inducted into the sociocultural field via a Master’s program in Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship. Through her experience in exhibition productions and projects coordination, she has developed her managerial skills towards cultural institutions and created a solid network both in Greece and Europe.

She is particularly interested in investigating and developing practices and sustainable economic models that could be applied in the cultural sector, with a special focus on independent initiatives and DIY culture. Aiming to raise sustainability awareness and foster creativity, Adela is committed to put her project “OnMaterials” on the cultural map of Athens.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title


"OnMaterials" is a collaborative platform which focuses on the life cycle of material in exhibition spaces, museums, theaters, film sets and trade fairs, and explores possible strategies for its creative reuse. The project seeks to actively engage artists, designers, craftspeople, art institutions, schools and exhibition spaces to participate and start working together on new strategies towards sustainable cultural practices. By offering the right network in the right moment we want to facilitate the process of materials exchange. The project’s main goals are a) to activate a network of creatives and cultural organizations through a series of activities and workshops, and raise awareness of circular and sustainable artistic production methods, and b) to facilitate waste prevention through the creative reuse and remanufacturing of second life materials

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

OnMaterials is travelling - A mini research project on selected upcycling initiatives in Germany

OnMaterials is collecting and redistributing unneeded materials for artistic creation, designing and educational purposes. 

OnMaterials is a platform/warehouse where a wide range of unneeded/leftovers materials (wood, metals, plastic, foam, textile, paints, plexiglass, decorative objects) collected from different sources such as theatre productions, film sets, museums, galleries, exhibitions and trade fair installations, is offered to a community of artists, designers, craftspeople, students and cultural practitioners, to produce new works, objects and designs or for educational purposes.

OnMaterials will start evolving itself as a pop-up store hosted at LUDD makerspace in Athens during three weekends throughout the project's timeline. The pop-up store will be a source of materials and inspiration where cultural/creative practitioners will have the opportunity to experiment on their individual or collective artistic practices. Furthermore, we won't only invite individuals or art institutions to discover the materials but also provide them with a number of themed and educational workshops and talks (The future of materials in a circular economy, Recycling in design etc) all hosted in different maker-spaces or studio artists' in Athens. The
project will close with an exhibition presenting artists who combine their aesthetic sensibilities with sustainable approaches to the production, dissemination and display of their artworks.

Host Institution


The Paul-Gustavus-Haus is a cultural heritage building within the inner city of Altenburg. Built 1905 as a factory for coffee-substitutes, it constitutes one of the few examples for the combination of living and working in the former residence town in the turn of the century. In 2009, a nonprofit association was founded with a clear mission: to preserve and gradually restore the long disused building, and to revitalize it by various cultural events. 2017, almost sixty members are voluntarily involved. The aim of the Förderverein Zukunftswerkstatt Paul-Gustavus-Haus e.V.

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