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Marc Delalonde

2019/20 Athens

Marc Delalonde is an independent cultural operator based in Athens, Greece. Following a master’s in Classical Cultures (2016, Athens), he studied Cultural Management (2018, Lyon) and researched Athens' ecological culture scene. Convinced of the social and environmental benefits of developing a culture of ecology, he curated a cycle of discussions and professional meetings at the French Institute of Greece entitled Art & Écologie.

Propelled by the ongoing collapse of the biosphere and the lack of political (re)action, he decided to act at the local level to provoke societal change and slowly pave the way to a new era of symbiosis. Yes, he is indeed ambitious - but in current times we must be! 

On this quest, he joined the START program (2019) to work with Hausdrei cultural centre in Hamburg and seeking to gain skills specific to sociocultural projects (to put to good use in Greece). There, he is building a prototype platform experimenting new ways of relating to others and to nature. Through his project Symbio(s)cene, Marc is determined to explore new ideas together with the local communities and to seek alternative models of living and interacting in a response-able and caring way together with all beings.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Generation Symbio(s)cene

In a time of ecological disaster, Generation Symbio(s)cene is a celebration, a glimpse at a possible future through alternative ways to connect with nature and to live together in symbiosis with all organic forms. This project is an attempt to pave the way to what philosopher Glenn Albrecht coined as the Symbiocene, a new era of companionship in human-nature relationships, through the mobilisation of the art scene. It is conceived as a series of artistic workshops and performances engaging young urban citizens concerned about the ecological crisis in experimenting emotional symbiosis with their environments in a green area of Athens. Through these creative experiments and weekly open meetings, Gen (S) aims at building a community of people empowered to deal with eco-anxiety and to raise ecological awareness through art and story telling practices.

Host Institution

HausDrei e.V.

We are HausDrei, a sociocultural center in Altona-Altstadt, a vibrant district located in the heart of Hamburg. We see ourselves as a meeting point for our neighbors, so our programe is as diverse as the neighborhood we are based in.

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