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Marc Delalonde

2019/20 Athens

Marc Delalonde is a cultural operator based in Athens. Following a master’s in Classical Cultures (2016, Athens), he studied Cultural Management (2018, Lyon) and researched Athens' ecological culture scene, before curating a cycle of discussions and professional meetings at the French Institute of Greece on 'Art & Ecology'.


Propelled by the ongoing collapse of the biosphere and the lack of political (re)action, he decided to act at the local level in developing a culture of ecology able to provoke societal change through art and storytelling.


On this quest, he joined the START program and worked with HausDrei sociocultural center in Hamburg. His project 'Generation Symbiocene' aims at building a community of young citizens committed to changing the narrative on the ecological crisis. To tell the story of a renewed human sense of response-ability and care, he wants to experiment participatory art practices cultivating emotional symbiosis between humans and nature.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Generation Symbiocene

Generation Symbiocene, or Gen (S), is a community led by the young, using art to reconnect humans with nature and to change the mainstream environmental narrative. We focus on cultivating emotional symbiosis, meaning the art of 'living together', to tell the story of the Symbiocene. Coined by philosopher Glenn Albrecht, this concept envisions a new era of companionship in human-nature relationships.

Experimenting with artistic tools such as story-telling, creative writing, music, dance and painting, we aim at (re)creating emotional bonds with the other-than-human world, starting in Athens’ green spaces. In parallel, a series of community-building meetings are set to take place in the city center, where we can share thoughts and feelings, meet other grassroots initiatives and explore different ways to raise ecological awareness.

It is time for all of us to unite and demonstrate humans can live with the rest of life. 

Join us.

Let Gen (S) arise!

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


Symbio(s)Art started as an attempt to create emotional bonds between humans and nature through two artistic workshops. One spanned over three days and saw children (age 6-12) build a hedgehog house for winter while learning about the animal's ecosystem through painting with two artists. The goal was for children to experience emotional connection to nature through an act of care towards non-human beings, while deepening their understanding of the animal's needs. In the second workshop, adults of all ages looked back at their life from the perspective of their relationship to nature and wrote their 'Sumbiography', guided by a creative writing instructor. The aim was for them to recall emotional bonds they have shared with nature and to reassess their current relationship with it. Both workshops intertwined in the project's closing event featuring photos of all activities, the exhibition of the children's drawings and the reading of the adults' texts.

Host Institution

HausDrei e.V.

We are HausDrei, a sociocultural center in Altona-Altstadt, a vibrant district located in the heart of Hamburg. We see ourselves as a meeting point for our neighbors, so our programe is as diverse as the neighborhood we are based in.

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