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Mara Kalantzi

2018/19 Nafplio

Mara lives in Nafplio, Greece. She studied Educational Science and Early Childhood Education (University of Patras) but then she met the Theater and her life changed.

She started as an introverted team member in small theater groups and grew to become a drama educator (School of Fine Arts, Department of theater, University of Peloponnese). Since 2011, she has been collaborating with schools and sociocultural organizations in Greece and abroad in planning and leading theatre workshops for all ages. She is also excited by her work for the Athens and Epidaurus Festival on projects such as “Epidaurus Lyceum – Educating audiences in ancient drama” as a theater researcher and drama educator.

She believes in lifelong learning and the 2018 START Fellowship Program was another opportunity to gain knowledge and new experience in sociocultural management. She knows that theater is not only an educational tool but also a life-changing experience. As a result, her vision is to work on theater and adolescence with the clear goal of giving a boost to four personal skills of teenagers: self-confidence, empathy, critical thinking and communication. Her inspiration quote is: “no matter what you do, just do your best”.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

_bet² (boosting esteem through theater)

_bet² is a well-rounded project designed for teenagers/youngsters. The name comes from the main goal of the project: ‘to boost esteem through theater'. The project aims to develop the following personal skills of teenagers: a) empathy, b) critical thinking, c) communication. A team of teenagers and youngsters has to face a big challenge. They should create, through 10 workshops, their own artistic festival. The first youth festival in Nafplio, organised and implemented by young people.

The main concept is that the participants create something together, from scratch, through playful practice. Experts and trainers support the participants during the whole process, by giving direction, offering helpful tools and sharing their professional experiences. _bet² project is a place where the teenagers can get activated and empowered through identifying their skills and sharing responsibilities. The project supports the idea of ‘learning by doing’. Collaboration and social interactions between the audience and the organisers, as well as intergenerational solidarity, are also promoted. Furthermore, actions and workshops help parents to develop empathy and to understand the idea of theater as a powerful tool which can boost self esteem.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

_bet on communication without words

Theater and adolescense: The theater as a tool for teenagers to increase their self-confidence/self-esteem.

The cultural initiative concerns the creation of a complete project which is aimed at teenagers. It is going to be through the use of theater technique, exercises and methods which include pedagogical and theater knowledge. All of them target boosting the teenager's self-image. The participants are active in this experience so they are able to explore the meanings of togetherness, relationship, self-image and communication. It is important to say that parallel actions will take place for the teenager's parents. So, if they take part in them, they will understand the idea that theater is a powerfull tool which can boost their teenagers self-image and as a result they will encourage their children to be a member of these groups.

Host Institution

schloss bröllin

schloss bröllin e.V. is an international production center created by artists for artists and for guests from around the world. The 800-year-old, landmarked manor complex is located on the German-Polish border some 40 km west of Stettin and 130 km north of Berlin.

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