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Lorenzo Kapotas

2016/17 Athens

Having studied Archaeology at the University of Padova and worked both during and after his studies in excavations in Northern Italy, Lorenzo Kapotas realized how inefficient the management of cultural heritage is in both his home countries (Greece and Italy). For this reason he is currently studying Heritage Management in Greece and is involved in multiple cultural projects aimed at the promotion of heritage through the engagement of local communities.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Forward to the Past

“Forward to the Past” was a short exhibition about the his- tory of the Kulturkabinett (KKT) and the building that has hosted it for the last 44 years. The project had 3 main goals: to give insight into the early activities of the KKT, to connect visitors more deeply with the feelings and sensations related to the center, and, lastly, to provide KKT members with an opportunity to contribute to the telling of this story.

Visitors were guided through the exhibition by a multimedia trail that unfolded through the different rooms of the KKT. We used both original and replicated material, such as: recorded political conversations, soundscapes both familiar and impor- tant to the members, historical pictures and articles about the KKT movement and the building, and 2 videos inspired by past performances. There were also 2 interactive spots where visitors could express themselves on topics they deemed important.

Host Institution


Kulturkabinett e.V. (KKT) is a socio-culture center in Stuttgart - Bad Cannstatt. 

The institution provides a home for many groups, initiatives, projects and culture makers. It is thus the center of active production and project work.

The amateur theater groups based in Kulturkabinett, together with the culture makers in the fields of theater, cabaret, show, music and visual art, over an interdisciplinary schedule of programming for adults and children.

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Forward to the Past