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Kyriaki Fotiadou

2016/17 Thessaloniki

Kyriaki Fotiadou was born in Thessaloniki and has only recently discovered the exciting world of cultural management. She completed her bachelor studies in History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a master’s degree, from the Uni- versity of Siegen, in the field of Critical Studies of Democ- racy (with a focus on Oral History and Sociology). Her occupation with cultural initiatives offered her the oppor- tunity to direct her academic experiences and passion for History, Sociology and Anthropology in new, creative and socially-oriented ways. She currently explores inno- vative methods of teaching history at schools; aiming for a more personalized approach with an emphasis on local and personal histories. Her professional and voluntary experience in various cultural initiatives and institutions has focused on history, art and education, and has led to her the belief that motivating people to learn history should be a process aligned with raising awareness on democratic values.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Voices from the flute pond

“Stimmen vom Flötenteich” focuses on a pond in the city of Oldenburg which was conceptualized as the meeting point of past and present. The pond (Flötenteich) was created as a by-product of the forced labor of immigrants and prisoners of war during the Nazi time. Today it is a place of entertainment and relaxation; a school, an elderly home, a campsite and a swimming pool are located nearby. This contrast of past and present was explored by the 11b class of the IGS Flötenteich. After two workshops regarding the history of forced laborers and interview methods, the students collected inter- views and photos from the people who visit the lake today. A photo exhibition was prepared by the students and myself in their school’s forum, where visitors and passers-by could explore this contrast and learn about the symbolic value of the lake.

Host Institution


Since 1995 Jugendkulturarbeit e.V. connects cultural projects with children and young people in the fields of dance, theatre, art and music. Cultural – educational workshops and political education with different key aspects offer children and young people the opportunity to deal with their own situation and those of other people in a creative, playful and active way. Jugendkulturarbeit is a community that offers a forum to develop and present the cultural and social interests of its members.

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Voices from the flute pond
Voices from the flute pond