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Konstantinos Bakogiannis

2018/19 Athens

Konstantinos, is 32 years old and lives in Athens. Since his school years he has been passionate about maths and piano. In order to combine them, he has studied both Electrical and Computer Engineering (National Technical University of Athens) and Music (University of Athens). During his studies he encountered the intriguing interconnection between the sciences and arts. After that, he had no doubt that his passion was to connect, in a creative way, these two (seemingly…) different fields. To achieve this he began his interdisciplinary PhD in “Information Physics and Music”. As a composer, he has collaborated with dancers and video creators, with whom he has experienced the power of sharing ideas, passion and mutual inspiration. Because his earlier research was mainly solo, he is more than eager to be a part of a team. His vision is to create a hybrid community of those willing to be part of the collaborative dialogue between scientists and / or artists. His experience in Germany through START in 2018 marks the opening of an effective path towards the realization of his vision.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


Symmeixis is creating an interdisciplinary community to connect science and art in a contemporary context.

The project aims to create an interdisciplinary community that will seek for answers in some basic questions. Which “populations” and procedures create artistic work with an aesthetic interest? Which is the structural connection between Jupiter’s orbit and Sonata form and between golden ration and Da Vinci’s paintings? Can algorithmic compositions replace inspiration? And can a painting or a spaghetti recipe be translated into music?
The Symmeixis Community will investigate the mysteries of algorithms in art through workshops. Artists, scientists, professors and other scholars will be invited to present their opinion and works. After their presentation, a discussion of the participants will be encouraged. It is estimated that after two months of – at least – weekly workshops, the subject of interest will be clear enough to all the participants so as to attempt the creation of their own works, using algorithms, motivated by their research during workshops. The procedure of creation will be the new topic of the workshops, till a final presentation.


Host Institution

Kulturzentrum E-Werk

Kulturzentrum E-Werk e.V. in Erlangen has been one of the largest cultural centers in Germany for 35 years. It is operated by an association and a limited liability company and houses a movie theater and four performance venues of various sizes. We are visited by 250,000 - 300,000 guests each year. We educate multiple trainees and employ more than 130 people; we are also supported by nearly 80 volunteers. 

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