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Kleri Bakoura

2018/19 Larissa

Kleri grew up in Larissa. She studied Stage and Costume Design in the Fine Art School of Nafplio and completed two MA degrees in London: Cultural Studies (UAL) and Curating (Kingston University). Through a rich and varied route, including working in London in diverse environments (from museums and galleries to music halls and restaurants), she discovered her passion for intangible heritage and, in particular, for researching gastronomy as a form of cultural heritage and cultural identity. She went on to receive support from the (UK) Heritage Lottery Fund for her oral history project ‘Greek and Greek Cypriot Gastronomy in London: an Ethnography’ that documents the culinary heritage of these London communities.

Her work in Germany in START (2018) shows her continued exploration of the relationship between food and memory as a form of national identity and its sociocultural boundaries. Her project ‘The Heritage of Taste’, an archive and festival dedicated to culinary culture in Greece, is inspired by the phrase “sharing is caring” and based on her research as a START Fellow. She aims to build this into an annual festival and archive sharing food, memories, knowledge and experience and exploring food from every possible and creative angle!

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

The Heritage of Taste

The Heritage of Taste is a cultural initiative focusing on the gastronomic and medical traditions of Larissa, in order to give prominence to the cultural heritage of the city and connect and familiarize its inhabitants with it. The initiative approaches Larissa as the place where Hippocrates wrote about and practiced medicine, emphasizing on the relationship between food and health, and as a city with rich culinary traditions. Since the cultural heritage of a place can be researched through diverse approaches in order to engage broad audiences, The Heritage of Taste will employ the oral history method to record stories of elder people, documenting their perception and traditions regarding the relationship between food, physical and mental, individual and community, health and wellness.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

The Heritage of Taste: A Taste of Drewitz

Located in Potsdam, in the neighbourhood of Drewitz, Oskar. Das Begegungszentrum celebrated its 5th birthday while its co-housed school “Am Priesterweg” turned 30. “A Taste of Drewitz”, was presented during the birthday event and consisted of an experimental visual documentation of the culinary practices of Drewitz communities, and of an event with these communities cooking traditional food to celebrate Oskar’s. and the schools’ anniversaries. The film was presented during the event featuring Syrian, German, Russian and Kenyan cooking. These communities also prepared the event’s buffet with their traditional recipes, creating through food a celebratory understanding of the neighbourhood’s various backgrounds. “A Taste of Drewitz” showed that the cultural heritage of a place is its people, and created a socially inclusive event, collaboratively hosted by oskar. and the communities of Drewitz, as the most appropriate representatives to invite a broad range of visitors and show how Drewitz "tastes" like.

Host Institution


oskar. is a community and neighborhood center based in Potsdam Drewitz. Together with the primary school "Am Priesterweg", oskar. forms the "Stadtteilschule Drewitz (Drewitz Neighborhood School). It offers a public cultural, social and educational space and therefor receives a basis grant by the City of Potsdam. With the help of project grants and private donations, oskar. realizes numerous projects for children, teens and adults from the local neighborhood. Opened in 2013, oskar. makes a contribution to make Drewitz a liveable and lovable neighborhood.

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