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Katerina Gnafaki

2017/18 Athens

Katerina is a cultural manager working at the intersections of art, music and technology. She holds an MA in New Media & Digital Culture from Utrecht University. Katerina produces and manages cultural events featuring a diverse mix of film screenings, experimental music, sound art, DJ sets, performances, improvisation and noise. Alongside her freelance practice, she has collaborated with several festivals (European Music Day, transmediale 12, Impakt Festival, p_public), contemporary art exhibitions (documenta 14, Athens Biennale 4th edition) and art galleries (Municipal Art Gallery of Chania, L’atelier-ksr Berlin). Her interest lies in the cultural enrichment of small communities in artistic participatory events. Katerina was born in Chania and currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Sound Works Exploring Different Perspectives On Listening

“Sound Works” was a two-day workshop that took place in Fürstenwalde, a town situated in the glacial valley of the Spree river around 60 km east of Berlin and 40 km west of Poland. The workshop explored different acts of listening by adopting sound and auditory practices as tools for social connectedness and joining together.

“Sound Works” encouraged participants to investigate and interact with various sounds connected to their own everyday environment. As active listeners, participants were given the opportunity to become aware of their context and create a closer relationship with the space they inhabit. The aim of this collective session was to enable participants to experience sound not only as plain receivers but also as agents and producers. Recognizing that the sonic realm is equally important in a visually dominant culture, “Sound Works” allowed participants to develop a sonic awareness of their surroundings and cultivate a deeper interest in sonic arts.

Host Institution


landkunstleben e.V. is dedicated to participatory and site-specific projects and collaborations. Based in the Steinhöfel community, approximately 40 km east of Berlin, we contribute to rural community life by establishing new circles of exchange between the rural and urban, and by intertwining the local with the international. This ranges from producers and gardeners to international artists, cultural workers and volunteers. We are promoting the concept of a new rural culture. This includes an ecological garden and a program of participative art projects, workshops and exhibitions.

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Sound Works
Sound Works
Sound Works